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At OverFunded, our vision is to revolutionise proprietary trading. We’re driven by a commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a culture of excellence. Our aim is to consistently deliver virtual profits with real payouts while upholding the highest ethical standards. We are more than a trading firm; it’s a platform for growth and opportunity, where we strive to maximise profitability for all traders.

Why Us

Our Features

Realistic Target

Achieve your trading goals with confidence

No hidden rules

Transparency and Clarity for your trading success

Profit Split

Your earnings, your success, our shared achievement

Scaling plan

Grow your trading potential step by step

Bi-weekly payout

Accelerating your earnings, twice a month

Partner broker

Take advantage of Eightcap’s industry leading spreads and high liquidity

Explore Our Challenges


One Phase Challenge

Evaluation Rules


One Phase Challenge

Evaluation Rules


One Phase Challenge

Evaluation Rules


One Phase Challenge

Evaluation Rules


One Phase Challenge

Evaluation Rules

How We Work

Innovative Trading

We fund, You trade, follow the steps to get through the evaluation process.

Step 01

Purchase a challenge

Select and purchase a challenge that best suits your interests and goals.

Step 02

Evaluation Stage

Follow the challenge rules and pass the evaluation phase to get funded.

Step 03

Funded Stage

Start trading with your funded account by following the rules and start receiving your profit share.

Affiliate Program

Explore Affiliate Benefits

Ongoing Promotions

Monthly promos, coupon codes, and more to help you achieve the best conversion results.

Refer more, Earn more

Enroll in our affiliate program and unlock the potential to earn generous commissions by referring skilled traders

120 day cookies

Earn long after your clients click your link with one of the longest cookie retention periods in the prop space.

Insights & Reports

Deep dive into metrics customised for your referrals to see your progress in real time.

Revenue Share

Earn the highest commissions possible for funded account programs.

Affiliate dashboard

Track your referral earning through your own customised affiliate dashboard.

Hear From Our Users

"Joining OverFunded has been a pivotal move for my trading career. The transparent profit-sharing model, cutting-edge tools, and supportive community have not only boosted my profits but also made the journey immensely fulfilling."
George Lucas
"I owe my trading success to OverFunded. Their innovative tools and fair profit-sharing structure have not only boosted my profits but also created a sense of belonging within a thriving community."
Cacky Houston
"Being a part of OverFunded has been a game-changer for my trading endeavours. The firm's commitment to excellence, transparent profit-sharing, and a collaborative community have propelled my success in the dynamic world of trading."
Markian Preston
"OverFunded has transformed my trading journey. The transparent profit-sharing model, advanced tools, and a supportive community have elevated my success beyond expectations."
Sammy Josse


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